Adjusting Firewall not to block Samba!

I’m setting up a PC using Leap 42.1 and have a firewall problem.

If the firewall is enabled then I can’t see my other computers using Samba. On the other hand, I can see them perfectly if I disable the firewall.

This is clearly not what I want. So how do I adjust the firewall so I can enable it but still let Samba through? (This seems to have been the default in 13.2.)

I must say I have always found the default openSUSE firewall interface incomprehensible, though I suspect there must exist people who do understand it. Back in the days of KDE3 I ran Guarddog, which gave me a user-friendly interface which I could understand and control. Unfortunately, the developer did not have time to upgrade it and it is now gone forever.

But if someone can explain to me how I can adjust the firewall using the default interface, or can suggest an easy-to-use alternative like Guarddog used to be, then I will be most grateful. In the meantime I’m going to have to run my machine unprotected.

YaST → Security and Users → Firewall on the left select allowed services, then on the right select your service in the dropdown, hit the add button and finish…

Thankee kindly. It just works.