Addressbooks & Groups with Owncloud

I am using Suse 13.1, and have updated to KDE4.12.2, Kontact 4.12.2 and its components. I have raised a problem I had with creating mail distribution lists (or groups in KDE4 terminology) a few timesin the ast couple of years.

Since the upgrade to Kontact 4.12.2 I have succeeded with creating various Groups to receive emails within the standard personal addressbook. This has worked well for our needs and in particular for a number of committees tht my wife is involved with.

This year I have also successfully installed owncloud v6.1 on a spare computer within the home network and use that to synchronise our calendars as well as the usual range of photos, files, etc. Generally this is working well with a few beginning hiccups.

I do have a problem with addressbooks, however !

I opened the standard “Contacts” addressbook and imported a vcf file with a list of my contacts to test it out, this was without any of the Groups fromthe KDE personall addressbook. I then added the owncloud Contacts as a new addressbook within my Kontacts on my main computer. That synchronised OK so I can access that addressbook from any networked pc or my android devices.

The first problem is that on my main PC I can create or edit a Group in my personal addressbook, but If I access the “Ownclouds Contacts” addresses The “NewGroups” toolbar or menu selection is greyed out or not available.

  1. Can anyone advise on how to get the “New Group” function working in Kontacts 4.12.2 for the extra addressbook(s) from Owncloud 6 ?

  2. Can anyone advise on how to directly add the KDE4 “Personal Addressbook” into Owncloud as a second contact list.

  3. Is there a way in which I could reliably extract a “Group & its list of email details” from the personal addressbook, and import it into Owncloud Contacts, such that it may reliably sync to other computers and devices. The need being to be able to send a group email from pc, phone, or tablet.

Thanks for any advice on these queries, noting that some responses to the earlier “distribution list” posts, suggesting I change from KDE, or maybe use google for syncing were not really what best suits our needs.

Thanks for any help here

While it is of course possible that a good answer/solution comes forward here, I would like to point you to the mailing list at There many Kontact users participate, including some developers.

Start here if you are interested:

Hi Henk,

Thanks for the advice.

I am subscribed to the kdepim-users list, but was reluctant to post in two places first up, it may be that my initial choice of the forum may not be the better choice for my question.

I will wait a little while and if the responses are a bit sparse I will do as you suggest.

I appreciate you taking the time to offer your advice.