Additional shutdown/restart dialog box during remote vnc shutdown/restart

On a fresh/new openSUSE-12.1 install, with a new /home, I encountered a strange remote log out behaviour (when using vnc to access the desktop of this fresh install).

When I shut down (or restart) the desktop locally, the KDE4 shuts down properly, or restarts GNU/Linux properly.

But if I have taken over the desktop via vnc, and if I remotely shut down or restart via the KDE menu shutdown, the PC will then close X but have a diaglog box where one again needs to select shut down or restart.

This is the diaglog box that appears after the desktop closes:](

The problem with this is when I use x11vnc to maintain her desktop, I can not shut down this way as I am kicked off of X (remote connection) prior to this last dialog box. Now I can then shut down/restart via konsole with ‘shutdown -r now’ or ‘shutdown -h now’ but if I shut down that way then any changes to the KDE desktop are not saved. Hence if I need to update her desktop, then she will need to do the shut down locally and not me remotely.

I can still ssh into her PC and force a reboot, but again I suspect any desktop settings will not have been saved. I’ve never observed this behaviour in previous GNU/Linux vnc testing on earlier openSUSE versions.

Again, note if locally from KDE she elects to reboot or shutdown directly, this second confirmation box does not occur. So it appears to be related to a vnc reboot/shutdown of KDE, forcing the local user to confirm the remote user’s action.

I encountered this during a fresh install of openSUSE-12.1 on my 86-year old mother’s PC:

So I have no idea what this added box may be, but I wonder if you really want to restart the PC with a pre-selected kernel, you have a couple of bash script choices. The first one should seem familiar to you.

P.B.S. - Partition Boot Selector - Version 2.00 for Grub Legacy - Blogs - openSUSE Forums


FastBoot for Grub Legacy Menu using Kexec - Version 1.40 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

Both can be driven from additional bash files and you can auto add the root user password with this:

asroot version 1.14 allows you to run a program (with options) as a root user - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

Just a few suggestions you may not have considered.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll give them some thought, although I confess a degree of skeptism if they will result in any KDE changes being saved upon KDE exiting.

I can easily restart the pc remotely by tying in a konsole under KDE : shutdown -r now

But that konsole/bash restart means any KDE desktop changes are not saved. Such changes are often only saved when KDE exits via a nominal KDE shutdown/restart icon exit.

The PBS script trys to force a save and allows you to select the desired kernel in advance. I would give a try to be sure. Fastboot takes less time since you don’t really reboot, a good thing if there is a disk problem, but it does not attempt a desktop save. If I make major changes, I just log out and back in to KDE first, to make sure they get saved.

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