Additional DVD Options

Hi. I almost put ‘Additional DVD Options when the last plugged in device opens’ just to give a clearer title :slight_smile:

How is it possible to increase the options when a DVD is in the drive and the ‘Last Plugged in Device’ opens. When i put in a DVD all i have is ‘Copy with K3b’. I would also like the option to open the DVD so i can browse the files.


System Settings - Advanced tab - Device Actions

Thanks. I’m not sure what’s happening here but when i try to use a Samsung laser printer disk that worked great in 11.1, the only option in 11.2 is to ‘Copy with K3b’.

I have the printer installed anyway, but am having some font issues which i didn’t have with 11.1 and the samsung install disk.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Bumping this because the issue still exists with KDE 4.2.

I still could not get the cdrom appear in the root folder whenever i put in a disk. The only option for a dvd in the ‘last plugged in device’ is ‘Copy with K3b’, so as a test i installed Ultimate Edition (ubuntu), and found the same problem - no cdrom folder appearing in the root folder after a disk is put in the drive (but it did give an open disk option).

I installed Opensuse 11.1 and presto, i have the cdrom folder appear, and i have an open disk option in the last plugged in device.

Is this a bug with KDE 4.2 as it doesn’t happen with 11.1 but it does with the Ubuntu variant which also uses KDE 4.2?

I’m sticking with 11.1 for the moment as i have no problems with it, but i would like to know if it is a bug or not.