Addition to LVM

Hi all
Today I added into an existing LVM, a new 1TB HDD.
This was about 5 HOURS ago!

The procedure I used was

  1. Yast > Partitioning > Select new disk > Create EXT3 partition > Accept
  • The disk was formatted.
  • No mount point was specified as it was to be included in a LVM.
  1. Yast > LVM > added new partition into LVM > Accept
    Received notification that changes were made

Now, if i recall, when I added a 750gb disk into the LVM, it did take some time (3 hours perhaps) as the machine is a low-spec box (800mhz p3, 384mb ram) but FIVE HOURS (and counting)? Is there any way I can check progress of this, or is it a case of sit back and wait?

Good afternoon all
Just an update; the local time is 13:23 and the LVM still is not showing correctly :frowning:](](](

sorry for the double-post, I just did some more clicking about and found the problem … in the partitioner, i did not change the max size of the LVM to the full size; just done that now and voila!

2.4tb LVM wets himself](](