Adding wireless card to a wired SuSE 11 router

I have SuSE 11 and have been using it as a wired router between the internet and the LAN in my home. (Actually, using the router and home LAN go back to SuSE 9.1:)) I am using an iptables script for the firewall and router.

I am a newbie to the wireless realm, and I am wondering what I need to do to add a wireless card to my system and use that card as a wireless access point for a home wireless network.

So, first question, is it possible to install a wireless card in my SuSE 11 computer and use that card as a WAP for a home wireless network?

If so, I assume that after adding the card, I will be able to modify my iptables script to add the card to the routing and firewall capabilities of my current network so that devices with wireless will be able to access the internet through the router. That should be relatively easy to do.

I have looked, but the only HOWTO on this that I found was something like 8 or 10 years old. Is there a recent reference out there that describes setting up the wireless network? If so, would you please point me to it?

Thanks in advance.

This any good Build A Linux-Based Wireless Access Point


Thanks for the reply.

I did some more searching and came across this myself.

It looks like finding a card that is capable of handling wireless “master mode” is going to be difficult these days. I did quite a bit of searching for one late last night. While at the time that this article was written there may have been quite a few of these cards in production, it looks like the only ones currently available may be what retailers have in stock and are no longer produced. I cannot say that that gives me the “warm fuzzies” about buying one off the shelf and trying to get it to work. Besides, apparently these cards do not support security schema’s that I would feel comfortable with. So, it seems like this would be the difficult route to take.

The much easier route, as I see it, would be to buy a wireless access point and integrate it into my network. All that would take is configuring the WAP through a web browser and then plugging it into my network switch. Sure, it will cost more, however, in the long run it sounds like it will be a much less labor intensive task and a more secure solution.

I applaud your choice. Buying a home access point or combined AP and
router is certainly easier than trying to create your own wireless router.

I don’t know where you live, but if you are in the US, buying one at
Fry’s Electronics if you have one near you (western US), or Wal-Mart
would give you the best price. I own 3 of them. One came from Best Buy
and the other two were purchased on E-Bay. For them, I wanted a very
specific model that was not available at retail.