Adding sound hardware to XEN/QEMU virtual machine causes failure to create.

Adding sound hardware to any of my XEN virtual machines results in failure to create domain.

Virtual Machine Manager 4.0.0 displays this message.
Error starting domain: internal error: libxenlight failed to create new domain ‘name’

Configuring without a sound device allows the vmachines to work fine. This was not an issue in and before Leap 15.2, but after two OS updates and several XEN, qemu, and libvirt patches, the issue persists. My mainboard sound hardware works well though I was unable to set it up with Yast, I had to edit the /etc/modprobe.d/50-sound.conf file. I’ve tried to modify the vmachine config files [sudo virsh edit ] but after rebooting, the files revert back to their original state.

OS = openSUSE Leap 15.4
Kernel = 5.14.21-150400.24.55-default
Virt Hypervisor = XEN - 4.16.3_04-150400.4.22.1
Emulator = QEMU - 6.2.0-150400.37.11.1
ALSA Driver Version k5.14.21-150400.24.55-default.

cat /proc/asound/cards
0 [Generic ]: HDA-Intel - HD-Audio Generic HD-Audio Generic at 0xfce00000 irq 140
1 [CODEC ]: USB-Audio - USB AUDIO CODEC BurrBrown from Texas Instruments USB AUDIO CODEC at usb-0000:25:00.0-1.2, full

Issue resolved by upgrading to Leap 15.5. But now, although the vmachines load without an error and they recognize a sound device, there is no sound produced. Latest patches for Xen and Qemu did not resolve the issue either. Perhaps this is a codec issue?