Adding second Monitor gives GdmDisplay Warning

After adding a second monitor to my system, I restarted my computer and OpenSuse will not open. It gives errors saying “WARNING: GdmDisplay lasted 0.158534 seconds” over and over again. Then, it prompts for my login and password. It allows me to login, but stays in a screen much like a terminal window and never loads the typical OpenSuse desktop.

It also gives me a Trace-OpenSuse option in the GNOME startup window, which I can open and everything starts fine. From what I understand, the Trace option is only temporary.

Is there a way to change my display settings back to what they were before these warnings came about?

If you have a radeon or nvidia vga card, try adding the repo and installing the correct driver.
If you do, follow the setup instructions in the stickies.
In all cases, type 3 in the bottom of the main grub/suse boot menu and then login as root and run sax2.

Thanks for the quick reponse. I am new to Linux, so please be more specific.

How do I download the driver using repo? I have a nDivia GeForce 9800GT video card.

Go to Additional YaST Package Repositories - openSUSE and then click the link for nvidia. There is also a link to a how-to for nvidia drivers.

To add repos go to: carl4926 - Adding Repo in Yast.

The problem is I cannot get into the OpenSuse environment. It leaves me at a screen that looks like a terminal window. I need to access Yast and install the driver using commands?

You are in a terminal. Login as root and then typ yast.
This will bring up the non-gui versin of yast.
Navigate to the repostitories usin alt and the highlighted letter and thef-keys listed at the bottom of the screen.
Add the nvidida repo - you will need to write it down first and then type it in.
Once added, go to software and choose repository to view and then nvidia and add the highlighted drives.
(You should get the hang of it - but if you don’t get back and I’ll post a more detailde version)

Everything is resolved. Thank you for your help!