Adding repos in Yast

Hi there all

I’m a new user on openSUSE 11.1 running KDE and having issues adding a new repo.
Every time I try to add a new one it brings them in as a service and not as a repository??

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


Did you add the repository via YaST’s software repositories module?
And did you enable it after adding it (I often forget this;))?

It is added in the repositories module and it is enabled…

The strange part is that they dont appear under the normal repos pane on the left hand side, they appear under the Services pane which I had not noticed untill now!!

Still bashing my head against the wall >:(

Only thing I could guess is, that maybe you did add a service, not a repository. A service is mainly a repository which includes a list of other repositories, I don’t know what repository you’re trying to add, maybe it’s a Repository Index Service (the kind of repo services use). Maybe a “zypper addrepo” will help you (have a look at the manpage)