adding OSX & other distro to Bootloader

I’m having difficulty finding information on this. I’ve been able to setup yaboot.conf to quadruple boot OSX and Fedora and Ubuntu and Debian. But I don’t know my way around opensuse bootloader. I currently have OpenSUSE 11.1, Ubuntu Jaunty, and Mac OS X Tiger loaded on my PowerPC iMac G5. But to boot into anything other than OpenSUSE, I have to reboot holding down the option key to choose my OS via Mac screen. Is there somewhere I can find a good rundown on how to configure Bootloader to allow me to choose my OS at startup? Thanks.

Sorry. @ken_yap you are correct
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@caf4926: Er, this is the PPC. The bootloader is yaboot, not GRUB.

@libraryeye: yaboot.conf should handle the other OSes, I’m not sure why they don’t show up. From some skimming of search results, it seems you have to refresh the boot config everytime you edit yaboot.conf, similar to lilo. I would have thought YaST bootloader config would do that for you, but try refreshing it from the CLI. Sorry, don’t have the yaboot links handy.

Some doc here, but you probably already have it

caf4926 - thing is, I can’t find the yaboot.conf in OpenSUSE to edit it! it’s not in etc where i’d expect it, coming from Fedora… Where can I find it? thanks…

From skimming some tutes on the web I believe it’s deposited in the small boot partition which is type HFS. There was something about SUSE using a script to convert from lilo.conf to yaboot.conf automatically so you might want to check if /etc/lilo.conf got updated by YaST.

ken_yap: some things i read made me feel like you weren’t s’posed to fiddle with yaboot in OpenSUSE anymore- that you could live it up and do it all right in boot loader . So I played around with boot loader and got it to read my OS X (pretty easy) and after another 1 1/2 hour or so , get it to recognize my Ubuntu . SO,it works! it could automatically detect MAC OS X as “other system” but for ubunutu I had to mount internal volume that’s on and direct boot loader to that kernel, that initrd, and that root volume.


thanks for your help!

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Yeah, there seem to be differences in how the various distros handle PPC booting. Fedora insists on a 1MB Macboot partition for the open boot firmware, but the SUSE wiki pages debunk this as a myth, and say it has only to be of type HFS. Nonetheless the Fedora installer will complain if it’s > 1MB.