Adding lines and text to .png image file

I have an .png image file of a survey plan which I need to mark up to show a boundary line on the plan. I then need to be able to save and send the marked plan by email.

What is best tool for doing this please.


I would look at using gimp, then export to a new png file… The other would be LibreOffice Draw…

As I already have LibreOffice Draw installed I am trying this first. May need help!

Hi Malcolm,
Many thanks for the help. Spoiled for choice but LibreOffice Draw worked after much effort finding my way round. File now in .odg format. No idea if this will upset the windoze users but all good so far. Of course Gimp would be the best solution and is already installed but a lot to learn!
Many thanks once more.

Just print as a pdf from Draw…

For future reference … GIMP is probably an easier option, your requirement is a quite trivial task.

Having opened the image (or a copy of)

  1. (Toolbox) Choose the ‘Free Select Tool’ (lasso)

  2. (Menu) View -> Zoom to a suitable size if needed.

  3. Left click at strategic points around the perimeter of the area you wish to mark, with the last (ending) click on the first (stating point), you will then have a ‘closed’ selection.

  4. (Toolbox) Select a Foreground Colour

  5. (Menu) Edit -> Stroke Selection

  6. Choose: ‘Stroke Line’, ‘Solid Colour’, and a suitable line width, then ‘Stroke’.

  7. If all OK, then (Menu) File → Export As… (file type)

Much easier to execute than describe… :slight_smile:

How I do this ( and everything else ) in GIMP:
Open the png with Gimp
Save as a Gimp .xcf file
Add a new layer
Click the Text tool ( the A icon ). Add the text
Adjust size, font color etc
Repeat previous three steps for each text box
When done, export to png

Having layer for each text box makes messing with them easy.

For the simplest line and text annotations, ImageMagick is by far the easiest program to use. GIMP is less easy to use for simple annotations.

Okular can easily do this using the “tools-review” function.
Okular works on png also.