Adding Kubuntu to GRUB/OS11.3

I have been digging through the various posts - it’s hard to separate out the relevant information - but the sense I get is that I can install Ubuntu alongside OS11.3/Windows on my laptop if I set the booting for Ubuntu to boot from the root partition, then manually add a chainload +1 to that partition to GRUB. I already borked 11.3 and had to reinstall… because I can’t find in the Kubuntu installer where one tells it to install GRUB2. (i.e., "boot from the root partition)

The problem is, whenever I do updates of the *nix systems, they need to be self-aware of changes.


After each kernel update, Ubuntu runs update-grub from itself to update its Grub menu.
After each kernel update, openSUSE tends to remove foreign kernel boot entries from its Grub menu but leaves chainloader entries untouched.
So after updating openSUSE’s kernel, you need to run update-grub in Ubuntu.
After updating Ubuntu’s kernel you need to add Ubuntu’ kernel boot entries again (but not chainloader entries) in /boot/grub/menu.lst.
Here’s a script which might help: Extracting Ubuntu (Grub2) boot entries.

Thanks - I wound up reinstalling Kubuntu but this time I saw the option as to where to boot Kubuntu *from *- and I set it to boot from its own root partiton. Then I just chainloaded it from GRUB (Kubuntu uses GRUB2). This way everything seems to survive any update processes.