adding KDE

hello all. i have a working installation of openSUSE 11.0 on my Apple PPC laptop (pismo), using the Gnome desktop. at installation, the installer kept quitting when i tried to add the KDE 3.5 desktop too, so i went with the Gnome only installation.

question is, can i now install the KDE 3.5 desktop as well? if so, how should i go about it?

it’s not a necessity that i have it installed, i just wanted to play with it and compare the two before deciding which one to use. also, should i look at KDE 4 instead of 3.5?

many thanks!

YaST > Software > Software Management
Choose Patterns in the left upper menu. Click KDE3 (and/or KDE4). Click Accept and it (they) will be installed.

To use: at the login screen ther is a menu low/left where to choose which desktop to use on next login. So yo can change as often as you want.

That one-click installer will install the very latest KDE 4.

thanks for the replies folks! i’ll give it a try.