Adding KDE repositories....

Is it worthwhile adding the KDE repositories to get the latest version of KDE, and various applications? Or will various KDE components be updated when using the “standard” update repositories? If I were to add any repositories would it be just this I would need…

And would there be anything else needed (eg switch system packages to that repository in yast)?


that’s just the KDE Extra repo that will give you KDE applications that aren’t included in the standard openSUSE install (or sometimes newer versions of those KDE apps). It doesn’t contain a newer version of plasma.

I haven’t done this in 42.2 . . . but for a newer version of plasma you’d need the two repos listed here
Frameworks 5 is on Plasma 5.9.x the standard openSUSE update repo will only ever have Plasma 5.8.x

Frameworks 5:

Apart from the explanation from @thestig (the repos you mention have nothing to do with “latest”), the question of “latest” is purely personal whym.

Some people are glad they can work in a stable, not changing environment that provides what they need.

Others can not sleep when they are not 100% sure that they have the “latest” (and they seem to think by implication “best”) version of some software.

It is up to you (and you mat have noticed what my personal goal is).

I prefer stability over latest software…although I have chosen KDE over Gnome as I prefer the look/feel. So far, since updating the graphics drivers, the system on my newly installed 42.2 seems stable. My only issue at the moment is when I click on the application launcher and hit “shut down” or “reboot” it actually just logs me out, and from that screen (where, oddly, the fonts go TINY…like, too small to read) I can then logout or reboot. Bit bizarre and not sure why that’s the case.

So…certainly no harm in sticking without the KDE repo’s then?!

Thanks again fellas…your help is great, and sorry I took long to respond, it’s been a busy day!