Adding Installation Sources in SuSE11.2

I’m a new linux user and I’m trying to install some files from a .tar.gz archive. I have successfully created a repository in a directory using createrepo, but I can’t figure out how to add am installation source to YaST.

How is it done in 11.2?

Pending the types of software you are trying to install, it may already be contained in a Suse repo or communitay repo. Aside from that:

Open YaST (System Tab) -> Software -> Software repositories -> Add -> Local Directory

Place in the name and paths, and enjoy…

drucifer wrote:
> How is it done in 11.2?

most programs folks need are easily available via YaST (that is,
…tar.gz are very seldom needed)

open YaST, give root password when asked, click on Software
Management, in the search block type in the name of the software you
seek… say, (for example) gimp and press search…

single right click gimp, then click on “Accept”…

read all about that and other stuff at
in the section about Software Handling…

follow the links on YaST and Zypper

NOW: back to your basic question of how to install from a tar source:

first, you do not make a repo with createrepo…instead you unpack the
tar (it is just a zip file, kinda), then READ the instructions in the
README on how to compile and install…there are about a million good
step by steps for compiling and installing software on Linux and i’d
guess over 99% of them would work for installing on openSUSE…

once you have the GNU compiler installed it mostly only four steps:

su - (to become root)
make install

but, there are variations and options…

ask more after you install with YaST, if possible…