Adding IDE raid post-installation...

I’ve got two sata drives that are configured for software raid 1 that I did when I installed Suse 11.1. They are working perfectly. I now have two 80GB IDE drives that I’ve added to the box. I want to configure these two drives in a raid 1 configuration. I can’t find a way to do this in yast and google/searching this forum hasn’t led to an answer, as most of the threads I’ve seen here deal with installation/boot drives.

Any help appreciated.



Done that several times.

yast2->system->partition, ‘yes’

(from memory because i have no free partition :slight_smile: )
expend the localhost/hdd line, create new volume inside each of your new hdd, type : ‘software raid’.
than go to raid, add new raid array : select type, select the partitions , select the file system to use, select mount point and options. ‘ok’/‘next’, yast create volumes, format, edit fstab and mount. you shouldn’t have to reboot. (but you might too)

That seemed to work! Thank you…