Adding i219 Intel driver in initrd for PXE

Hello all !

We need to install a bunch of brand new PC’s with i219 Intel driver on the native network port.
Unfortunately, this driver isn’t included in OpenSuse 13.2 neither 13.1.
From OpenSuse Hardware Distrib, we could download the e1000 package on a already installed system, then the interface could be configured.
1st question : the “rpm -ql e1000 intel-e1000e-3.3.3-1.1” shows 5 files, but no driver (.ko file), why ? :

2nd question : Does somebody could explain me step by step (or send me a link) how to include the new driver to the initial PXE initrd, as we still can’t install the PC’s thru the net ?
I read a few posts about that but it doesn’t seem very clear (using mkinitrd ? Need to recompile also vmlinuz ? …)

Thank’s a lot !


Hello all

OK, i installed the package “intel-e1000e-kmp-desktop” and i could add the driver (e1000e.ko) to the native initrd on the PXE server, without success :

  • renamed initrd in initrd.gz
  • gunzip initrd.gz
  • cpio -icv < initrd
  • add e1000e.ko driver to *./lib/modules/3.11.6-4-default/initrd
  • find . | cpio -ocv > new_iitrd
  • gzip new_initrd

Same problem, NFS repository not found, because network driver not found for Intel i219-V .
Did i miss something in the procedure ?
Should i use mkinitrd ?

Any procedure to include such driver to initrd welcome !

Thank’s a lot,



No idea ? No one can help us on this subject ?