Adding headerfiles of 'C language' to vi editor ??

hiiii friends ,
i am using SUSE 11.0 KDE 4.0 , i am student, so i used to write C programs in my system using vi editor as…

$ vi filename.c

But in our college we use turbocpp to run programs , there we have graphics.h,conio.h we have to run the programs which uses those headerfiles. I want to run those programs in my terminal
but they shows…

raju@linux-d6yt:~> cc prog1.c
prog1.c:2:18: error: conio.h: No such file or directory
prog1.c:3:21: error: graphics.h: No such file or directory

Is there any chance of running graphics in my terminal ??

You have to rewrite the program. The TurboC environment is only for TurboC.

is ‘vi’ editor have graphics header files or not ??

It’s irrelevant what editor you use. The Linux environment doesn’t have the features of the TurboC environment.

You are perhaps under the impression that vi is an IDE. It’s just a text editor. It’s the compiler and runtime libraries that determine what can be compiled.

ok thanks sir.thanks for replying me .

As you were told, you need to replace those libraries. Take a look at ncurses, for a replacement. Beware that you need to rewrite your code in order to use it, it is not a matter of replacing the header files only.