Adding Gnome

I just updated my Suse installation to 11.1. I would like to give Gnome a run, I’ve been using KDE and I dislike KDE4. I went into Yast to add GNOME. The issue is, I want to make sure I add all of the tools I need to get the full experience of the Gnome GUI. I’m uncertain which packages I should choose, I don’t want to miss out on anything useful. Can anyone give me a clue of which packages I should be selecting?

Also, once I have installed Gnome, will it be as simple as ending my KDE session then selecting GNome as my new session type, or do I need to make addditional configurations?

Thanks for any help.

yast - software - software management
filter by patterns

select gnome-base and gnome-desktop


you can always go back to these patterns to add more later if needed

I am also trying to do this exact thing. I have done as you said in the software settings. Now what? I am still running what appears to be KDE…I log out and have no option to change session or anything.

Bottom left of the login screen - Sessions
click and select

Here is what I had to do…step by step:

First go to Kickoff>YAST>Software>Software Management>filter setting to Patterns:clik on Gnome Desktop and Gnome Base system>accept settings.

Then disable automatic sign in:
Go to YAST>Security and users>User Management>click the expert option dropdown>login settings>uncheck auto login

Now when you reboot you should have an option for session type on the bottom left of your monitor after starting Open suse. put in your password, then go to the session type and click on whichever desktop environment you want to screw with.
Hope this helps someone else…

If we add Gnome to a KDE installation or vice-versa, will we end up with menus that show programs for both DEs or does it filter out, say, GNOME apps when you choose to load KDE?

SUSE’s menus are overflowing as it is so running with both sets of apps would make it nigh unreadable.

I want to try KDE now that 4.2 is out but I’ve just installed with GNOME and don’t want to bother running another installation.

Yes, you will end up with unreadable menus but you can always modify them by doing a right click to your kickoff menu and selecting Menu Editor (in KDE, don’t know how to do it in Gnome).

I am on my gnome side now and when I do a search using the word KDE in the software search I get 3 programs that come up…unsure how many pograms would come up on the KDE side if I type in Gnome… I will check…but maybe a more experienced user can help you out with a good answer to this…I have only been screwing with linux and suse for about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks…still a noob. I just continue to try different settings, etc…and I have only had to reinstall like 793 times…lmao. But seriously I figure the best way to learn it is try it…and of course these forums are priceless…I have found alot of info here and got some answers to my questions…although sometimes they are over my head. But thats cool. At least people are here trying to help each other out…and get out of the grip of M$.

I am now on my KDE environment and searched in my kickoff menu here…there are a few gnome games and some other apps, but nothing overwhelming. Total gnome apps in kickoff are 15. Of these 15, 3 are games.
Hope that helps…

This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments.

Sometimes the solution to a problem is so simple but yet completely obscured until someone comes along and points out how easy it actually is.

Thank you for being that someone, ram888.