Adding an Acer P244W widescreen monitor

I’m sure how this is done has been covered before, but we n00bs tend to Google for solutions and so having this show up somewhere is always nice. :wink:

Issue: Just added an Acer P244W widescreen monitor to openSUSE 11.1 but that particular model isn’t on the list SaX2 produces. The monitor is capable of a max 1920x1080, which isn’t an option if a different Acer monitor is selected – the max on my machine was 1152x864. So here is how I put it there and it works fiiine. And yes, the more knowledgeable can name shorter shortcuts but I’m not one.

ALT-F2 to get to the command line.
kdesu kwrite to open the editor; give it your root password when prompted.
Now open /etc/x11/xorg.conf
Scroll down to Section "Monitor"
Edit to contain the following:

HorizSync 30-80
ModelName “P244W”
Option “PreferredMode” “1920x1080”
VendorName “ACER”
VertRefresh 55-70

Scroll down to Section "Screen"
Edit to contain the following:

DefaultDepth 24

Scroll down to Subsection “Display” / Depth 24
Insert this value before the first quoted entry: “1920x1080”
Now save the file.
If you go to the Launcher : Favorites : Configure Desktop : Display you will now have the highest resolution available… change to it, Apply. The screen bumps up to the max size and your icons aren’t so flat anymore. lol!
Now go to the Launcher : Computer : YaST : Hardware : Graphics Card and Monitor, and you will see the correct identification of your monitor. When prompted, click Save, and this will automagically add other possible resolutions (1680x1050, 1600x1024, etcetera) that didn’t exist prior to the xorg.conf file and Display list. ***note: *** I haven’t checked to see how many of them work with this monitor, the only one I personally care about is 1920x1080. rotfl!

Thanks to those in another message who tipped me how to make the xorg.conf edit and a Slack-er friend who knows how stuff works.

Yast Hardware Graphics and Monitor

Change Monitor to -->LCD 1920x1080 (@60Htz or if higher avail and OK for monitor use that.)

I figured there had to be a quicker solution.
Though mine lists the correct monitor name, which appeals to the purists and OCD crowd. :stuck_out_tongue:

…of course, it seems that 11.2 messes with the last part of my instructions (I’m no longer seeing “Configure Desktop” and “Graphics Card & Monitor”) but the add part still works.