adding a system call??

I am trying to add a simple system call to my system
The resources on the net ask to modify the file


Howver I cannot find the file on my system…

I am using OPENSUSE 11.0
running kernel

Can anyone point out what is the problem??

You need to install the kernel-source package.

I have intsalled the kernel sources package
There are other files like
/arch/x86 and /arch/ia64
but just this one is missing


What version of the kernel is your tutorial written for? If for 2.4, the names and arrangement of directories or files may have changed.

The tutorial is for kernel 2.6.x.x

2.6 changed a lot between versions too so the layout the book was working from may have changed. You may have to dig around the sources to make sense of the layout and discover where the system call table is now.

Thanks for the help
i found the sys call tables file