Adding a second monitor

I have a MSI motherboard which has a built-in S-Video and VGA port and that is unused at this time. I have the NVidea card installed and use that primarily because I use a program called FlightGear and works best with Nvidea. But I would also like to use a second monitor for use with it or if I could use one monitor for it and the second for the desktop doing something else. I would I set up and start using a second monitor? The built-in video is currently disabled in the BIOS.

What it the model of the Nvidia card, if it has two or more ports (or a display port) then you should just connect and good to go and configure with your desktop settings.

This laptop has hdmi and vga out as well as the LCD, it can run all three if I connect screens…at present it’s just using hdmi->dvi connection to an external monitor.