Adding a new protocol handler

How do I add a new protocol handler in OpenSUSE? I play games on the site, which uses a Windows client-side application for everything. Basically you go to the site and browse to the room you want to join. When you click the link for the room, it uses JavaScript to redirect to a custom “gamingsafari:” URL, which tells the client which room to open and what your username is among other things.

I have installed the client in Wine but can’t get Firefox (native or Windows version in Wine) to open the links - despite following a few different tutorials which tell you to add a certain config setting (one which is supposed to just tell it to ask me what I want to do with those links, another which supposedly even tells Firefox specifically how I want to handle them), it always just shows the URL and tells me the address wasn’t understood. For now I’m making it work by copying the part after “gamingsafari:” and then running wine “path/to/GamingSafari/gamsaf.exe” “<data from URL>”, but it would be nice if I could just get the links to open directly.

Any suggestions?