Adding a "Desktop" functionality to Gnome 3

Hi I have Gnome 3 in Tumbleweed based on 11.4 – but this is a Gnome 3 issue so I post it here, not in Tumleweed.

I very much like/d to store current issues like files and folders in one place for easy access when I am using KDE. In KDE I store them on the Desktop (old fashioned am I !). So I want a place like that quickly accessible in the side panel of Gnome Favorites.

Here is a very clumsy way to do that:

  • run alacarte in a terminal window
  • add a new menu to “applications” and call it anything → I chose to call it “Places”.
  • put Places in left column and “add” an entry: application = “nautilus /home/john/Desktop” with Name = “Desktop”
  • save etc and then open Activities → Applications → find the “Desktop” and right-click → add to Favourites

Here’s my question: is there a non-clumsy way to add shortcuts like Desktop (or maybe a web address, samba destination, whatever) into Favorites so it becomes a little bit like the old Gnome Panel?