Addin openSUSE iso extracted to hard drive to Grub

When I first installed the openSUSE, I had to extract whole iso to sda4, because there was some kind of with CD (scratched or something like that), Now I want to add this part to grub, so that when I want to reinstall it, it will be ready for me :slight_smile:

I tried doing this with yast, but could’t figure out whole thing.

My current setup:

kernel image: (hd0,4)/boot/i386/vmlinuz-xen
initial ram disk : (hd0,4)/boot/initrd-xen
vga-mod:1024x768, 24 bits (mode 0x318)
optional parameters: resume=/dev/disk/by-id/ata-TOSHIBA_MK8032GAX_76HE0769T-part4 splash=silent quiet showopts

This tries to do it, but gives error while trying to boot :frowning:


You cannot had an un’isoed image to GRUB. It is not bootable. If you want to recover your system in case of major problem, do a system backup instead.

If you want to keep a copy of openSUSE for future reinstallation, I suggest you burn the image ISO (not un’isoed though) on a new media or create a liveUSB.