Added more ram now OpenSuse won't boot

Running OpenSuse 11.1 64-bit with latest kernel. Running with 2GB (single stick ) of ram and added another 2GB stick. Motherboard shows ram as 4Gb dual channel at 128 bit. When trying to boot OpenSuse splash screen shows then monitor goes to sleep. Will boot in safe-mode and shows 4Gb of ram. Dual boot with Vista which boots no problem. Anyone got any ideas??::\

Try to recheck the ram if it is seated properly in the slot.

Thanks did that definitely in firmly. Still have the issue!

Was looking at what Safe-mode chops out when booting. High video etc, but can’t really see why the OS won’t boot normally!!?

Run a memtest (Installation CD/DVD) for at least several hours, best would be over night.

The fact, that Windows is running and Linux is not is no indicator, that your new RAM is OK, on the contrary.

Thanks I’ll give that a shot, although Suse will boot with either stick but not with both!

camc0 wrote:
> Thanks I’ll give that a shot, although Suse will boot with either stick
> but not with both!

sounds very much like a hardware/firmware problem…
(google around, you can find LOTS of it “out there”…some in these
fora, try

closely check the motherboard maker’s site for info…look for a BIOS
upgrade…LOTS of main boards were born with exactly the type of
problem you describe…in many (most?) cases the upgraded BIOS solves
the problem…

how/why it works with Windows is a mystery to me, EXCEPT that consumer
level board makers routinely build to M$ specifications, so it should
be no surprise it works…they could care less that 5% of the home
consumer market might have problems…

but, if you move up to enterprise class hardware, they build for and
test with REAL software…and, IBM, DELL, HP, and etc who sell
industrial strength hardware have no such (another 2 gigs of RAM
kills) problems on those machines…

think big!


Windows tends to work low-order memory harder than high-order, whereas
Linux does the opposite. Quite frequently, a memory failure will
affect one worse than the other.

Thanks for the advice. Can’t fit an extensive mem test in at the moment but when I can will post the result!

It could also be in the voltage used for the memory. On my main machine I have to put it up to 1,90 otherwise I have the same problem: failsafe boots, normal does not.

I had this problem with a new motherboard. It would work (and test OK) with either of two 1GB DDR2 kingston memory sticks, but not with both.

The problem ended being on the mb bios. It would set parameters for memory at first power-on after assembly, but wouldn’t change it correctly when the memory changed. If I had turned it on the first time with two sticks it would work.

The solution was to clear CMOS and restart the board. Simple, but it took me almost a full day to reason it out (google didn’t help at the time).

I’m not sure if the mb was Asus or Asrock, too many CPUs around here…

Iv’e tested everything now and all hardware appears to be OK.

In your case did the MB POST and try to boot to OS? If POST achieved did it show correct amount of RAM?

Could you reset the motherboard, perhaps by pulling out the battery?

Have you installed the correct kernel, perhaps kernel-desktop?

Can you run from openSUSE Live CD?