Add support for reading and writing to NTFS, using NTFS-3G.

Add support for reading and writing to NTFS, using NTFS-3G.

More details:

I don’t understand this post.

openSUSE already has read/write support to NTFS using NTFS-3G. It has had this for a long time (since one of the 10.x series).

Edit: There is also guidance on configuring this here:


Read what I say and my comments on the subject, this link:

On 2010-07-21 21:36 GMT genixinfo wrote:

> oldcpu,
> Read what I say and my comments on the subject, this link:

Write support is included, for years, so what you ask as a Fate doesn’t
make sense. Or you haven’t explained the issue correctly.

If you can’t, it is because a configuration error or a bug. Please ask
somewhere else to solve your problem, and then, decide if it is a fate,
a bugzilla, or nothing.

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Carlos E. R.
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I read your comments and they don’t make sense.

Maybe instead what you wish to state is:

OpenSUSE should provide by default write access for regular users to NTFS formatted drivers by the appropriate default entries in the /etc/fstab file.

Without that your openFate submission is confusing, and suggests that you want something added that ALREADY is added and its been there since openSUSE-11.0 or earlier.

I believe you either need to resubmit your openFate submission, or clarify it, because as it stands (and as it is written) now I would vote against it, even though I am in favour of default WRITE access to NTFS.

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Summary of my suggestion:

My suggestion and that access to reading and writing to NTFS, begin to be done quickly and easily, both for the administrator user (root), both for the normal user (not root), as is already done with the access reading and writing to FAT32.

More details:

I added what I hope is a clarification to that openFATE request.


My idea is that openSUSE Linux, start to have write support to NTFS, also being a normal user (not root), as already occurs in FAT32.

I understand now. Which is why I wrote what I hope is a clarification in the openFate submission. I think the reason why that suggestion has -5 votes, is the wording confused those readers, just like it confused me.

Note originally openSUSE (in version 9.x and 10.x) only had the the NTFS driver (and not the NTFS-3G) where the “NTFS” driver had only READ and poor WRITE capabilities.

Eventually, there was a software fork, where the NTFS-3G driver was created (around the time of openSUSE-10.0/10.1), but it was originally not adopted by most Linux distributions. Part of the reason for the slow adoption was the developer(s) behind the NTFS driver suggested they may import code from the NTFS-3G driver (which to the best of my knowledge they did not) and so the distributions waited for this to happen (and it did not happen). At the same time, others expressed concern the NTFS-3G driver was not reliable (and they wanted a LOT more testing) and hence the adoption of the NTFS-3G driver was slow.

Its FULL adoption still is slow. Case in point : openSUSE while it uses the NTFS-3G driver for READ access, still does not automatically setup the /etc/fstab for WRITE access. The reason given is concern over granting WRITE permissions with the NTFS-3G driver.

But the driver IS reliable, and that is why this change is needed.

But starting off with -6 votes against (now -5 because I voted for this) because the openFate submission wording was confusing, is a big barrier to overcome to have the suggestion adoted - and as a result of that this suggestion unfortunately may not be adopted based on this openFate submission …

On Thu, 22 Jul 2010 22:36:02 +0000, genixinfo wrote:

> My idea is that openSUSE Linux, start to have write support to NTFS,

What oldcpu is saying is that that functionality is already there. It’s
in the ntfs-3g packages.


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That is exactly what I meant.

I created a new openFATE with, a new presentation:

Do you approve of this new presentation?

Much better. I added a comment and voted for it.

Why is there no love for ntfs-config app that is available in the repo-oss, simple, clean just check the box for the ntfs partition in question to give regular user R\W access, done.

I have had that mess up my configuration files when I had external hard drives connected. I suspect others have had the same. I refuse to use it now. Others may have the same view. That may be the reason for ‘no love’.