Add-On creator fails because missing obs-productconverter


System: OpenSuse11.2

I’ve tried to build a repos with yast Add-On creator from the downloaded and installed packages in /var/cache/zypp/packages
The Add-On creator has an error
obs-productconverter not available
and the option to install but it is not found to install…
The thread
mentions the tools repo but I did not find it?
Where can I get this stuff and for what is it?

The repo was built and by an fresh installation I have give my repos as add on and have load my user-packages.xml but no package from my repos was installed …
There is no signing key. Is this a must that packages can be installed?

Thanks a lot


Here’s the link;

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Nice search tool.
I have searched in google, in the forum BUT this link is a must of know…

Thanks a lot and greetings