Add NTFS support

NTFS is blacklisted by openSUSE, but how do I get it back, preferable the native NTFS kernel support?

I’ve marked out the blacklist-line in /etc/modprobe.d/60-blacklist_fs-ntfs.conf and restarted but that didn’t give me the support back.
What effect does it have, if any?

Can I bring it back with dracut, if so how? I cannot find the ntfs module on the dracut module list so I assume it doesn’t support it anymore either, right?

I know I can get userspace support e.g. installing ntfs-3g, is that the only way?

If it’s completely stripped from the kernel I understand one could also build your own kernel with ntfs enabled, but I’m not going down that path.

Oops, misread that and deleted my initial post. I read it as NFS rather than as NTFS.

As far as I know, NTFS is supported via ntfs-3g, which is done at the user level rather than with a kernel module.

You may use driver developed by Paragon Software for NTFS file-systems.

Last summer was the big surprise of Paragon wanting to upstream their NTFS kernel driver to replace the Linux kernel’s existing NTFS driver that is mostly read-only and quite basic. Paragon’s “NTFS3” driver fully supports reads and writes and many other features not found with the existing Linux driver. This new driver is much better off for those needing to deal with Microsoft NTFS file-systems from Linux. The NTFS3 driver is also more performant than the FUSE-based NTFS driver that is also available and currently preferred by some distributions.