Add new entry on grub2 uefi and rebuib grub2

Hi i have installed windows and then opensuse tumbleweed after that i installed phoenix os and now i only can acess opensuse by cliking F12 and choosing safe mode my 2 questions that i need help.
1 . how can i restore all entry on grub2 ? phoenix os as changed the grub 2 it only windows and phoenix os entrys.
2- How can can edit grub.cfg and add a new entry for booting phoenix os ? thanks for all help

Not enough information, so I am guessing.

Presumably, phoenix has added an additional boot entry, and given that top priority. Since F12 works during boot, the entry for opensuse is probably still there.

Become root in a terminal.

efibootmgr -v

That should list the boot entries. Each will have a 4-digit number (hex number).

Now you can change the boot order with something like:

efibootmgr -o 0002,0001,0003

That makes 0002 the preferred boot. You will have to find what number match your systems. If there is an “opensuse-secureboot”, make that the first. I would probably put Windows second and phoenix third, though the relative order between second and third isn’t going to be very important.

If there isn’t an “opensuse-secureboot” then there should be an “opensuse”, so make that the first.