Add more snapshots in Grub snapshot list?

See image below. Any way to make this list show more snapshots? Maybe about 10 more?

When you go down with arrow keys, you scroll the list.

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I prefer the command line … simple, faster, easier

# snapper list
#  | Type   | Pre # | Date                     | User | Cleanup | Description | Userdata
0  | single |       |                          | root |         | current     |         
1  | single |       | Wed Feb 28 09:04:26 2024 | root |         |             |         
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I know Grub has a command line facility, but that is not what you show.

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Huh? @aggie is showing command + output of that command. These snapshots will show up in GRUB. Never more, never less. As long as I can get into a system, this is my prefered way of rolling back.

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I know, but the OP is showing his Grub screen. And he wants to see more entries on that. I assume he has more of them then shown on the screen (which is already much more then most will keep). Else his question would be futile.
But I agree he did not show with a command like @aggie 's that he has them.


The question re. grub was already answered.

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Thus all posts starting from #3 are superfluous?

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Oh! I didn’t realize it’s a scrollable list. Cool. Issue resolved. Thanks.

As a Linux newbie, I often learn something new and useful from the ‘superfluous’ replies, even if they’re not directly related to my original question. Keep 'em coming.

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