Add manually an external repository to One-click-install


I’m packaging KStreamRipper in OBS. This software works only when also Streamripper is installed. Streamripper isn’t available in OBS (I asume because of the MP3 support), but is available at Packman.

As KStreamRipper is not binary linked to “streamripper”, I can compile it fine on OBS. Than, I add manually the dependency on streamripper in the spec file. However, when a user installs the package through, then the installation will fail because the package “streamripper” isn’t available (exept he has Packman in it’s repository list).

Question: How can I reach that the automatically generated One-click-install (the ymp file) installs also the Packman repository?



Please have a look at: Build Service/Tutorial - openSUSE

Thanks for the pointer.

However, I still haven’t figured out how this works. Can I define additional repositories in the pattern file? The examples that I had found do only list packages, without determinating the repository URL. The URL seems to added automatically by the build service when generating the ymp file…

Also, in the project defination, in all examples that I have seen, you can refer only to repositories of the same build service instance.

But I need, while building on, to reference to an external repository (Packman)…


I know nothing about packaging, but you could pass the package to a packman packager and ask that they host it, and advise you will do most of the work and maintenance. That way the package is on the packman web site, but you still control the spec file, packaging details, etc … I do not know all the details of such a “relationship” but I do know of another who has done this.

If the idea interests you could contact yaloki on IRC freenode #packman. Or if you want to know the forum user name of the person on our forum who I know does this, PM me and I’ll send you their handle. I don’t know if they are interested in telling you their assessments of the pros and cons, but they might be.

Thank you.

I’ll PM you.

Maybe it is an option for me to create the ymp files manually…