Add audiokonverter in openSUSE Linux 11.4

Add audiokonverter in openSUSE Linux 11.4

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This is NOT likely to happen.

Audiokonverter, to be of any practical use, has to use proprietary codecs. Novell (and also Red Hat) would be sued if they tried to include the proprietary codecs to make audiokonverter of any practical use.

Hence it is ESSENTIAL IMHO that this application ALWAYS remain a 3rd party package, packaged by packagers such as Packman.

Ie I do NOT agree with this suggestion.

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Detlef Reichelt <>,,, Paulo Roma <>: not answered my last e-mail, someone here, please solve this issue:

See, the last email I sent:

Please answer my last e-mail:

For openSUSE Linux 11.4 in Packman:

Thanks for providing the package audiokonverter. More audiokonverter when I install, it asks the dependency: mppdec, as you have also made ​​available on Packman package mppdec. And another thing, is to update you on Packman, the package J7Z (former Q7Z) to version: 1.1.0 and also upgrade the package p7zip to version 9.20.1.

Already, many thanks.

And please, release audiokonverter for openSUSE Linux 11.4:

audiokonverter 5.9.1

PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket audiokonverter

For as I said before:

I suggested that audiokonverter was added in openSUSE Linux 11.4, but with the problems of proprietary codecs, it will not be possible.

More details:

Thank you and sorry for anything.

I expect a response.

On 07/03/2011 07:06 AM, genixinfo wrote:
> I expect a response.

here is one: you are posting to the WRONG forum, as mentioned by Henk,
almost a year ago…

and, just compile audiokonverter from source.

/( )


Just audiokonverter compile from source:

I can do it, but it is not feasible for the end user.