Add a wifi interface in a bond with nmcli


when I try to add a wifi connexion to a bond, I have this folowing error:

linux:/home/user # nmcli con add type bond-slave ifname wlo1 master bond0
Connexion « bond-slave-wlo1 » (14778c00-d1a4-41af-8883-daa895c3de30) ajoutée avec succès.
linux:/home/user # nmcli con up bond-slave-wlo1-1
Erreur : l'activation de la connexion a échoué : No suitable device found for this connection.

In bond-slave-wlo1 I have type=ethernet even if my interface is a wifi card!

# cat bond-slave-wlo1


Is it possible to add a wifi card to a bond with nmcli?

I’d first ask you what your objectives are and a description of your WiFi infrastructure (ie details about your AP and if you have multiple APs in the area) to determine if what you’re trying to do will achieve what you want.


  • Ethernet is basically a serial technology which means only one packet “on the wire” (In the case of WiFi the connection) at a time. Some AP models support multiple antennae that theoretically can multiply throughput.
  • Compare to known and working bonding techniques using wired NICs.
  • Ethernet is the basic communication technology (vs other, less seen like token ring) in everything including wireless and wired. Ethernet is the common networking technology for practically all networks around us today (except straight serial connections used by BT and RS-232 connections which even they sometimes are implemented with an ethernet layer on top of the base).


I have a wifi connexion (wlo1) and a shared 4g connection (the interface of my phone is recognised as ethernet; eth0)

I whant to use this two internet connextions at the same time, in order to increase my bandwidth.

My problem is about nmcli, bonding and wifi interfaces, because load balancing is already set for my phone. I have tested with an ethernet connexion and my phone, It works ! But I cant add à wifi interface to the bond.

  1. Although probably not a problem, you should probably post your list of available network interfaces. This is useful so that not only can we see your physical interfaces, we can also check the name you’ve chosen for you bond as well as any interfaces already a member of your bond
nmcli con show
  1. Based on what you posted, I suspect that although you added wlo1, you attempted to activate (bring up) wlo1-1 which is likely an error.


Good News ! I have time to test bonding again !

**linux: /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections #** nmcli con  
NOM                     UUID                                  TYPE             PÉRIPHÉRIQUE  
Wifi                    581a2043-be76-46c0-a914-ad76beeaef63  802-11-wireless  --            
Portable                2ab20db2-c40c-4dbd-b852-3e5d43e144e6  802-3-ethernet   --            
PowerWifiCable          813b9440-d311-4194-a2a4-2128c4df98f2  802-3-ethernet   --            
bond-slave-wlo1         96afb0ae-4c18-4d80-a630-c851a3c29492  802-3-ethernet   --            
thor                    039a1abf-83e0-460f-9acf-6e2ca365c3d1  802-11-wireless  --            
vpnbook-euro2-tcp80     2afe9ce7-f21e-4135-a493-d9bb05320255  vpn              --           

My problem is that

nmcli con add type bond-slave ifname wlo1 master bond0

create a 802-3-ethernet connexion instead of a 802-11-wireless one !

I’m not sure that the type of connection may be important here… After all, you’re bonding a wired (802.3) connection to your wireless phone carrier with a WiFi(802.11) connection. When you bond two different types of interfaces, I don’t know that there is an interface name that can describe this, so whatever results, is.

The basic question is whether it works.


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