Add a new hard drive?

I would like to increase the storage space available to users. I am planning on adding another 120gb hdd and want it available to users in their home space. Is that possible? Also, what happens if you change hardware? If I changed my cd drive to a dvd-rw will suse 11.2 simply find the change and update the system (like in windows)

The way you put it, you could use the new disk as /home. To do so, you’d have to build in the disk, then follow this:
Start Yast-System-Partioner
Create a new partition, mount it as /newhome
When done, logout of the desktop (we don’t want any users active on the system when copying files), in the login screen hit Ctrl-Alt-F1 to go to the console. Login with root and rootpassword, and do this:

init 3 
(hit enter to get the prompt back)
cp -r -v -p /home/* /newhome

This will copy the entire content of /home to /newhome, including permissions.
Now, still in the console, do:


You will see the ncurses version of Yast. Go System - Partitioner, remove the old mountpoint for /home, if /home was it’s own partition, change the mountpoint created as /newhome to /home. Save changes and exit. Now ty

init 6

to reboot the system. After a reboot the user homedirs should be on the new disk and available like before.

Good luck

If you change the cdr to a dvdrw, Suse will understand and adapt to it. You can then use the Suse softwares to burn information onto the new drive (e.g. K3B).

Just to add to Knurpht’s post: if your current /home is NOT a separate partition, you’ll have to undertake some other steps.

Now, I do have to ask, since it’s nagging me to no end: why only add 120GB? Why not add a 500GB or 1TB drive? Even a laptop these days comes with a minimum of 300GB.