Ad-hoc network and ipod touch


I read through many posts and checked out Swerdna’s guide to IP masquerading to got my ipod touch to connect to the ad-hoc wireless of my ethernet-wired laptop. I initially had this working, and then upgraded to suse 11.2, and following the same steps, but I can’t seem to connect.

In Network Manager I set the wireless to a static IP /24
set it as ad-hoc and name it, ‘wireless’.

In firewall settings, I make wlan0 internal zone and allow Masquerading.

On the ipod touch I connect to ‘wireless’, set the IP address to /24
DNS I copy from

$ cat /etc/resolv.conf 

but, this time, I fail to connect.

Have I overlooked something?
Thanks in advance.


Did you enter a gateway IP of in the ipod? And the IPs in resolve.conf, what are they?.

From the man himself!
Thanks for the reply. I had entered the router IP improperly, and that was definitely the problem. Everything is working properly now. Cheers!