Active ip-address not visible in AVM 5530 MA router

I updated openSUSE Leap to version 15.4 with new networking “Wicked Service”
OpenSuse works correctly but the IPaddress of my computer is not listed in the FRITZ!Box 5530 MA user interfase. In the Fritzbox display under system/events I can see that my computers IP-address logged in on the Fritzbox user interface.
Could there be a setting in the new Wicked internet set up that could be the cause?
Regards Frans 2023-08-08T22:00:00Z

Here in a 7490:

The last is this PC.


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AVM FRITZ!Box – 5530 – Glass Fibre –

  • “MA” → ??? May be relevant or, not …

Let’s stay with a “FRITZ!Box 5530 Fiber” –

The English language Handbook is here: <>

Let’s remain with the German Handbook –

  • On Page 50, there’s the instructions for logging into the Router: from the LAN –

Now to German:

  • → „Heimnetz” → “Netzwerk” …

And, just for fun, I’ll supplement Sauerland’s graphic, with my FRITZ!Box 7490 LAN Mesh –