Activating a webcam in Gnome

How can I activate a Logitech QuickCam Chat in openSuse Linux 11.00 that uses the Gnome desktop?

In Yast, the Gspca/Spca5xx driver was installed successfully.

My PC also has Win Vista HP (S/P 1) installed, and the Win Live Messenger recognizes well the Logitech QC Chat model.

You might want to look here:
HCL/Web Cameras - openSUSE

General webcam howto - openSUSE

I have the impression that the gqcam-0.8.tar.gz is the stable gnome webcam application.

If so, how are .tar.gz files installed in openSuse Linux 11.0?

How can the INSTALL or README files be opened in the gqcam-0.8.tar.gz compressed file?

Thanks again for your valuable help.

You would be better installing it from the repo via Yast - Software - Software Management
search for gqcam
it is in the oss repo
check for install and accept

You can still use kopete in gnome it supports the webcam.
I noticed with kopete I am good looking in the webcam:)

I found gqcam and installed it.

Where do I find gqcam in openSuse Linux 11.0 menu?

Using KDE not Gnome, but close enough…

I have a very old webcam, an ibmcam manufactured by Xirlink. I searched the forum and followed a lot of links and discovered that the driver ibmcam.ko is already on my 11.0 system.

The system sees and properly identifies the cam, checking yast–>hardware, but kopete does not see it. How can I get these different parts talking?

I have a Logitech QuickCam Chat plugged and I use the Gnome desktop in openSuse linux 11.0.

I would appreciate knowing which option is available in the Gnome desktop menu that handles the a webcam.