acroread Utilizes a lot of CPU?

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This is not an issue, just a minor annoyance. I have noticed that from time to time after closing Adobe Acrobat Reader, its binary acroread is taking 50% CPU utilization. Considering I am using a quad core, that is a lot of CPU. At the same time Xorg is also talking a lot of CPU. There is no window, and it sucks up enough resources to really slow the computer. 

So far the problem has been difficult to reproduce. So I can't really tell you much more. I know that it has come up when it is used within firefox. 

My thoughts that it is updating itself, or the exit routine enters an infinite loop under special situations. I have let it run for a bit, just to see if it will quite, but doesn't ever seem to exit cleanly. So my suspicion is the it is the latter issue. 

Has anyone else noticed this problem? Also, is there a fix for this?

FYI, using openSuse 11.1.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Not too sure why you are even using it?
Okular is quite enough to read .pdf’s and more…

Exactly, Okular is best option there.

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I’ve seen the same with SLED 11 so I do not think you are alone. I
typically loathe acroread because it is bloated and crappy and its plugin
to various browsers seems to be as inefficient as possible. Still I have
found this a couple times (because it’s the default, and I try to run with
defaults to find customer issues before they do if for no other reason)
when my laptop’s CPU fan started churning and in ‘top’ there was acroread
going to town. Doesn’t happen all the time, but it may be in the low
double-digit percentages.

Good luck.

mmarif4u wrote:
> caf4926;2003099 Wrote:
>> Not too sure why you are even using it?
>> Okular is quite enough to read .pdf’s and more…
> Exactly, Okular is best option there.
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Hello All

 mmarif4u, caf4926, I appreciate the suggestion, I never was aware of an alternative. Just gave it a try, seems to work well.

 Thanks [email][/email] for informing me of similar problems. 

 My next question is whether it is possible to install okular as a plugin to firefox. I did a little searching and found nothing, so I doubt it. Its not a big deal either way, however helpful tips are always welcomed.


pilotmm: << … whether it is possible to install okular as a plugin to firefox >>

Try an add-on called “PDF Download”.

Edit its preference: choose “okular” for viewing.

The add-on has other features as to what to do with a PDF document.

I have the same problem. I frequently start a console with top to check for the phenomenon. If it happens I kill the reader through the processtable (ctrl-escape) I should have a look at the alternatives!

Uninstall Acrobat’s reader. That should do. For KDE3 use kpdf or xpdf, for KDE4 use Okular. They all do a much better job than A’s reader.