Acronis 2014 restore of backup cause boot error


I’ve got a problem with my system after i have to restore my ssd with acronis backup, which was created in december(KDE crashing all the time).In december Acronis has create backup disc nice and easy without problem and also restore image as same… After mounting disc back to machine system boot stops at error shown in image down below. boot sequence seek some “sdc2” as it’s non sense, there’s only 1 disc attached to machine and disc contains only “sda” 3 partitions.
I suspect the problem could be corrupt grub loader. when i tap “yes” go and boot normally and function just fine.
This computer is connected with some manafacture machine and control that machine, it works fine after start now, but still that error nervs me. Our manafacture machine provider support us with his own backup for grub (grub.tar.gz) which contain main /boot content. I think if I owerwrite this /boot folder somehow would error dissapear or not? What would you suggest and what are these other errors shows?

Thank you very much for replys!


Well that is odd. You never installed to a sdc2 partition??

Is this a EFI or olde BIOS machine?

Anyway try going to yast - bootloader make a small mode (you can reverse it then) then accept to force a reinstall of grub

It’s possible, but only thinking, that sdc2 was created when i backup disc on some other computer (my workstation) where i’m having 2 additional disc there…but also strange as I backup a lot of machines with windows and others systems and works fine…maybe i should use clonezilla for next time :-/? It’s BIOS.

I’ll try this in yast thanks!