acrobat reader with no font!

By starting Acrobat Reader I get empty squares instead of letters. Same problem by the version downloaded from Adobe. I think I need just to change the font name, but no idea about where is the appropriate configuration file.
Has somebody any idea?
I need the program for professional purposes.

On 10/22/2012 09:26 PM, Capodastro wrote:
> Has somebody any idea?

your sig says you are using KDE and compiz…try turning off compiz (it
is totally unneeded with KDE4)

and/or turn off desktop effects…

if that does not help then give us some more info, like did this work
alright for a while and then stop working??

and, what graphics driver are you using with your GeForce GTS 250M?


What does it look like if you use Okular to open the pdf file?

That’s what I want to see too. IMHO this has nothing to do with compiz or graphics card. Reader finds unreadable characters.
Two remarks:

  • DD. is right about compiz and KDE. Don’t.
  • Are you aware of the fact that 11.4 is almost at it’s end of life?

thanks on everybody. :slight_smile:
Some update corrected automatically the problem. Okular was working normally. Well people, truly no idea about suse 11.4, on the moment I am configuring 12.2. That says to me I have to apologize for having forgotten updating my “info-block”, but it happened only for just a couple of years.
Tomorrow is Sunday and finally I will do what must be done.