acpica-toools not supported in Leap 15.5

Where do I get this app for 15.3 please?
That was acpica-tools BTW!

You can try contacting acpica maintainers and request enabling Leap as build target … it is too late to expect it in Leap 15.3 or even Leap 15.4, but it is in Factory (i.e. Tumbleweed) so it may be possible to get into Leap 15.5 as your subject indicates …

Actually it builds just fine, you can grub it from below. Be warned, I am not going to maintain this repository in any way.

Hi arvidjaar,
Many thanks. You have given me your link for the 15.4 version. Will this work on 15.3?

If it’s for the WinX code, it’s not needed (See your other thread), just skip the part when it asks for it and make sure you install WinX Pro.

Huh? There are separate repositories and binaries for 15.3 and 15.4. Both are on this page.