ACPI Error on boot

After upgrading to 11.2 my laptop HP dv9000 I’m getting some errors:
ACPI Error (psargs-0359): [2012] Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND
ACPI Error (psparse-0537): Method parse/execution failed _SB_.PCI0._OSC] (Node ffff88007fbf45f0), AE_NOT_FOUND

Any help on resolving this?

Are you actually getting a problem with something on the machine not functioning? It looks to me that this kernel is encountering something it doesn’t like in the ACPI tables produced by the bios. This is not necessarily a problem, often the kernel can work around it or that table data is not used anyway.

Found the problem my self.
The issue was the upgrade and /etc/sysconfig/kernel.
The module list was not cleaned up. After cleaning the module list the problem is gone.

No there was no ill effect.

Glad you found the solution. I’ve seen this glitch before, altho not in ref to anything with ACPI. It’s good to have a backup of critical files (esp everything in /etc) readily avail for comparison, before an upgrade.