ACPI driver MSI K8N Neo4


Since 2.6.31 kernel there has been need for ACPI drivers to get hwmon information (If one is not willing to get it old way). I have atk0110 module working well on my Asus mobo, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to get same information from MSI K8N Neo4 motherboard. I guess asus_atk0110 module with Asus mobo is the one that does the trick and naturally it won’t work on MSI mobo so does anyone know how to get hwmon information through ACPI with my MSI mobo?

The ACPI data comes from your BIOS, but if there isn’t a kernel module for MSI and ACPI, you could resort to the old way via lm-sensors. If you have the “sensors” package(s) installed, you can run sensors-detect (IIRC needs su for root) at the commandline. Follow the prompts, it’s normally safe to take the default scans. That will determine what health monitoring chips are available if any. Even if you take the option to have the modules loaded, and there is a conflict with ACPI, the sensors module will not be loaded anyway. This happened when I tested it on my Asus mobo, with atk0110 already loaded automatically. You would see a warning message in the kernel logs.