ACK, having difficulty setting up Samba

My goal is to share a folder between 2 computers running Leap 42.2. The computers are in different rooms. The network connection is wireless. The network is secured, requiring a password.

Setting via YAST/Samba client include:
startup: during boot
Open Port in Firewall is checked

status enabled for all shares including defaults; read-only no; name Samba; Path /home/username/SambaFolder; Guest Acess yes; comment Samba share folder

Workgroup or Domain Name WORKGROUP

Domain Controller - not a DC

NetBIOS Hostname - blank
WINS Server Support - selected
Retrieve WINS server via DHCP - selected

Trusted Domains - blank

LDAP Settings - not selected

Symptoms (Computer with Samba Server, in account username):
After a login, using Dolphin/Network/Samba Shares/Workgroup/linux name/Samba – lists all the files in the folder /home/username/SambaFolder (expected behavior)
A user is able to delete a file. (expected behavior)

Attempting to copy a file to the samba share gives an error in Dolphin. The red field states “Access denied. Could not write to.” (unexpected behavior)
Directly copying a file to /home/username/SambaFolder using Dolphin. Closing out of Dolphin. Opening Dolphin → network/samba share has not refreshed. It still shows the folder without the new file. (unexpected behavior)

Repeated opening and closing Dolphin during the same log in session, Network/Samba error: Unable to find any workgroups in your local network.

Symptoms (client)
intermittently finds the samba share or errors that it cannot find the workgroup.

Clearly, something is not set correctly. Any help would be appreciated.