acer3004 wlmi linux install advice

I am thinking of installing a linux distro on my old laptop: an Acer aspire 3004 WLMi

ultimately I want to use it as a HTPC by then installing XBMC

some basic system info:

broadcomm wireless
40GB hard drive

it currently has Windows XP installed, and was running iPlayer and itunes etc into the TV from it but it’s too slow for my liking

I like the look of openSUSE but I did try to install a linux distro previously (I think Ubuntu) and found wireless setup didn’t work

I am almost a complete noob to Linux so would ideally like an installation that did not involve any major scripting - I am hoping to learn a bit more but I would like to get the system setup ASAP

The broadcom might need some attention, but it should work. XBMC is available from the Packman repo, which also delivers the broadcom drivers. Must say though, that 1 GB of RAM is tight. I’d choose a lightweight desktop, or run XBMC from the login.