Acer laptop will not shut down

when i run this laptop and i try to shut down it powers back up and will not shut down any ideas on this it is annoying


Can you give us some more details? version openSUSE, desktop, etc.

I am Sorry here are the details. this is a acer 7535 AMD athelon 64/2 4 gig ram 320 gig hdd, i am running 11.3 32 bit version i loaded this version due to the graphics card ATI radeon hd3200 everything else is working fine when i try to shut it down i starts back up immediately i can hold the power button down and it will turn off.
i have not been able to locate any similar problems with this same laptop anywhere… is it possible that the problem could be the 32 bit i am running instead of the 64 i should be.
And i am running SUSE 11.3


When you shut down, can you tell us what you see on the logout screen. Do yu see some items [Failed] in red?

everything looks normal and the writting is in green and says DONE no red at all
the screen blacks for a second and then restarts.

Problem may be related to ACPI? Try booting with ACPI off.

Well this is odd i uninstalled 11.3 due to the shutting down issue. i then installed 11.2 64 bit version and everything is a go i have everything working as normal. the ATI graphics are even working correctly. i will order the 64 bit version and see if it will work in 11.3 i will post my findings.

interesting for me, thanks