Acer C720 Chromebook can't connect to networks (13.2 GNOME)

It uses the AR9462 wpl1s0, with the ath9k driver.
When the installation was fresh it successfully connected to network the first time via Network Manager. Within a few minutes it showed in the applet as ‘connecting.’ I then tried using wicked in YaST, and achieved a horribly slow connection with 88% packet loss.

Later on I achieved an almost functional connection via wicked by booting in recovery mode and disabling ipv6, though this of course isn’t ideal and all websites shown as having invalid security certificates though I wonder if that is related to my inability to change system time.

I tried fixes from many distributions that have experienced similar issues and nothing worked. I’m about to just put the awful Chrome OS back on and tell my friend that he bought a lemon.

I have two systems with the Atheros AR9485, one with AR9287 and one with a AR9285, whilst I don’t have issues connecting, I did have issues with getting full ‘n’ speed as in 150Mb/s for the 1x1 and 300Mb/s for the AR9287 device, this was related to the router configuration. Once I had configured the router to 40MHz bandwith and set my sideband to the upper channel everything connects at full speed.

So, maybe it’s potentially a router issue and not the device, just there may be other factors for connection issues, as well as other wifi AP’s in the area.

I’ve tried connecting with two routers. All the threads I’ve seen having the problem with other distros indicates problems with the OS itself. With Arch it was a misconfigured systemd, with another distro it had to do with bluetooth. Either way, resetting routers isn’t really a viable option on a mobile device.

Mind you, this behavior happens also when I plug in any USB wifi device.