Acer Audio device problem

I have a problem with my laptop audio device. It doesn’t work in Firefox, Amarok, etc. But when I initialize opensuse, i can listen to that initialization sound. Any ideas?

Check the mixer settings and Master Channel

or yast - Hardware - Sound
check the volume slider settings from the ‘other’ button

I checked, but every volume slider is at the maximum. When I click on the “other” button and select “play test sound” I don’t listen anything. I guess that the only sound I listen to is when I initialize and when I shut down opensuse.

Open a su terminal and do:

rcalsasound restart

Check this too if necessary
SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE

Try disabling and re enabling your soundcard via yast

I restarted and it worked!
Tnx, man! That was great!

Good news;) .