Acer Aspire Revo R3610 CPU clock speed not reducing with low load on 11.3

I just installed oS11.3 on a new Aspire Revo R3610 which has the Intel Atom 330 chip and Nvidia ION graphics.

I noticed that the CPU is always running at 1600Mhz and doesn’t throttle down when there is no load. Do the Atom cpus not throttle down or is there a setting in 11.3 that I can change?

I installed the 64bit of oS 11.3.

You did not say which desktop you are using. If it is KDE, you can determined what is supported with your computer. Go To Menu / Personnel Settings / Advanced Tab / Power Management / Capabilities. Here you will see the abilities that are determined to work with your computer. Other menu options determine how you function based on your power supply or battery conditions.

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Sorry, I’m using KDE4 4.4.4. I looked and it says CPU frequency scaling is not supported. And after some further googling I see that the Atom 330 does not support speedstep technology. It can be scaled manually and the frequencies are 399 MHz (25%), 599 MHz (37%), 799 MHz (50%), 999 MHz (62%), 1200 MHz (75%), 399 MHz (87%), 1.6 GHz (100%). Shame as it’s a bit of a waste to have the CPU at full throttle if it’s not required even though it only consumes 8W max.

Someone wrote a script to scale the frequency based on the cpu load that he samples at specific intervals if anyone is interested.

I am thinking that my desktop quad core Intel CPU is using more power than your entire laptop. I would go for the full power of 8 watts if I were you. rotfl!

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